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Condition: New, UPC: 810004201187, Publication Date: 03/06/2020, Type: COMPACT DISC, Style: CLASSICAL/ORCHESTRAL & SYMPHONIC,
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Act I, Scene 1 - Catfish Row, A Summer Evening
Oh, Nobody Knows When De Lawd Is Goin' To Call
Seem Like Dese Bones
Summertime (Reprise)
Give Him To Me
Here Come De Honey Man
Here Comes Big Boy!
Oh, Little Stars, Little Stars
Jesus, He's Killed Him!
Act I, Scene 2 - Serena's Room. The Following Evening
Where Is Brother Robbins?
Come On Sister, Come On Brother
A Saucer-Buying Setup, I See
My Man's Gone Now
How De Saucer Stan' Now, My Sister?
Oh, The Train Is At The Station
Act II, Scene 1 - Catfish Row, A Month Later
Oh, I'm A-Goin Out To De Blackfish Banks
Mus' Be You Mens Forgot About De Picnic
Oh, I Got Plenty O'Nuttin'
Listen There What I Tells You?
Mornin', Lawyer
'Lo Bess, Goin' To Picnic?
Bess, You Is My Woman Now
Oh, I Can't Sit Down!
What's De Matter Wie You, Sister?
Act II, Scene 2 - Kittiwah Island - A Palmetto Jungle, Evening Of The Same Day
I Ain' Got No Shame
It Ain't Necessarily So
Shame On All You Sinners!
Oh, What You Want Wid Bess?
Lemme Go, Hear Dat Boat
Act II, Scene 3 - Catfish Row, A Week Later
Honey, Dat's All De Breakfast I Got Time For
Take Yo' Hands Off Me, I Say
Oh, Doctor Jesus
Oh, Dey's So Fresh An' Fine
Now De Time, Oh Gawd
I Wants To Stay Here - I Loves You Porgy
Why You Been Out On Dat Wharf So Long, Clara?
Act II, Scene 4 - Serena's Room. Dawn Of The Following Day
Oh, Doctor Jesus
Oh, De Lawd Shake The Heavens
One Of Dese Mornin's
Oh, Dere's Somebody Knocking' At De Do'
You Is A Nice Parcel Of Christians
If Gawd Want To Kill Me
A Red-Headed Woman
Jake's Boat, In De River
Act III, Scene 1 - Catfish Row, The Next Night
Clara, Clara, Don't You Be Downhearted
You Low-Lived Skunk
Summertime (Reprise)
Act III, Scene 2 - Catfish Row. The Next Afternoon
Wait For Us Over There, Ah!
Oh, Gawd! They Goin' Make Him Look On Crown's Face!
There's A Boat Dat's Leaving Soon For New York
Act III, Scene 3 - Catfish Row, Early Morning, One Week Later
Good Mornin', Sistuh! Good Mornin', Brudder
It's Porgy Comin' Home!
Oh, Bess, Oh Where's My Bess
Bess Is Gone
Oh, Lawd, I'm On My Way


Recorded live at the Metropolitan Opera September 23 and October 16, 2019.


Baritone Vocals [A Coroner] – Michael Lewis (39)
Baritone Vocals [An Undertaker] – Damien Geter
Baritone Vocals [Crown] – Alfred Walker (3)
Baritone Vocals [Jake] – Ryan Speedo Green
Baritone Vocals [Jim] – Reginald Smith, Jr.
Bass-Baritone Vocals ["Lawyer" Frazier] – Arthur Woodley
Bass-Baritone Vocals [Porgy] – Eric Owens (3)
Chorus Master – David Moody (9), Donald Palumbo
Conductor – David Robertson (5)
Engineer – John Kerswell
Engineer [Additional] – Ed Hartley, John Bowen, Robert Huott
Ensemble – Chorus And Orchestra Of The Metropolitan Opera
Liner Notes, Creative Director – Matt Dobkin,
Mastered By – Silas Brown
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Annie] – ChanĂ¡e Curtis
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Lily] – Tichina Vaughn
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Maria] – Denyce Graves
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Strawberry Woman] – Leah Hawkins (2)
Photography – Ken Howard (3)
Producer [Music] – David Frost (3)
Soprano Vocals [Bess] – Angel Blue (3)
Soprano Vocals [Clara] – Golda Schultz
Soprano Vocals [Serena] – Latonia Moore
Tenor Vocals [Mingo] – Errin Duane Brooks
Tenor Vocals [Nelson] – Jonathan Tuzo
Tenor Vocals [Peter] – Jamez McCorkle
Tenor Vocals [Robbins], Tenor Vocals [Crab Man] – Chauncey Packer
Tenor Vocals [Sportin' Life] – Frederick Ballentine
Treble Vocals [Scipio] – Neo Randall
Voice [A Detective] – Grant Neale
Voice [A Policeman] – Bobby Mittelstadt
Words By, Music By – Dubose & Dorothy Heyward, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin


Recorded At – The Metropolitan Opera House

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