Lector de Scholastic, Nivel 2: El Autobús Mágico Vuelve a Despegar: Vuela Con El Viento (Blowing in the Wind)
Lector de Scholastic, Nivel 2: El Autobús Mágico Vuelve a Despegar: Vuela Con El Viento (Blowing in the Wind)
Brooke, Samantha
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Condition: New, UPC: 9781338329711, Publication Date: Sat, December 1, 2018, Type: Paperback ,
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0Based on the new Netflix series The Magic School Bus: Rides Again , Ms. Frizzle's class tries to build a house that will not blow down.

The Spanish edition of The Magic School Bus: Rides Again: Blowing in the Wind
The Magic School Bus heads to the forest to learn about aerodynamics. Ms. Frizzle's class is putting on a play of The Three Little Pigs.The kids want to build a house for their play that even a super-powered fan can't blow down. So Ms. Frizzle and her Magic School Bus take the class to the forest to learn how trees stand up to strong winds. Will these little pigs get blown over or learn to stand strong? Includes stickers

Los estudiantes de la Srta. Rizos est n ensayando la obra de teatro Los tres cerditos. Pero los chicos quieren construir una casa tan fuerte que ni un s per ventilador pueda destruir. As que la Srta. Rizos y el autob s m gico los llevan al bosque para que aprendan c mo los rboles resisten los vientos fuertes. Saldr n volando estos cerditos o aprender n a resistir el viento?


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