Lo Que Veo En La Primavera (What I See in Spring)
Lo Que Veo En La Primavera (What I See in Spring)
Jacks, Danielle J.
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Condition: New, UPC: 9781645276401, Publication Date: Sat, August 1, 2020, Type: Hardcover ,
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3What I See In Spring introduces emergent readers to the weather patterns, clothing, and sights of spring while providing them with a supportive first nonfiction reading experience. Carefully crafted text uses high-frequency words, repetitive sentence patterns, and strong visual references to support emergent readers, making sure they aren0/00ЫЄt facing too many challenges at once.

What I See In Spring includes Tools for Teachers and Caregivers and a Let's Review! question and image, as well as introductory nonfiction features such as labels, a table of contents, words to know, and an index.

What I See In Spring is part of Jump!'s Seasons series.


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