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Funk Shui Debut Album: True

Recorded in the Spring of 2004, True is Funk Shui's debut album.  Considered among the best of the independent releases, it has been described as follows by CDBaby (an online music retailer) :   Blending soul, jazz and twangs of retro r'n'b, Funk Shui will light up the eyes of the Liquid Soul and Brand New Heavies fan. Funking it all the way from Denver, Colorado, these folks are quickly making a name for themselves the way they wrap up a well-seated groove with sassy vocals, a back-talking horn section and that trippy, psychedelic organ line giving "True" a zesty 70's vibe. Whether it's party music, chillin' music or sexy background seduction music you're after, these funkers bring the perfect mix of the hip, the trendy and the urban bounce while keeping it grounded, fun and casual. With all that to offer, they'll appeal to the jam band connoisseurs as well. Super fly. Song listingOn My Mind, True, Time for Two, Donde Esta,  Kickstand, Peach Cobbler, Shasta McNasta, Trepidation, Magic Dust, Satisfied, April Musicians/VocalistsAndreas Taber (Vocals/Guitar), Ced Forsyth (Bass Guitar), Ernie Crews (Drums), Mike Lepine (Drums), Bob Rebholz (Saxophone), Garner Pruitt (Trumplet/Flugelhorn), Rob Lowe (Keyboards/Piano), Trygve Schneider (Drums), Al Buffone III (Percussion), Felicia Singh (Background Vocals), Tina Williams (Lead and Background Vocals), Dave Small (Background Vocals and Choral Arranger), Meikal Brown (Background Vocals)


Multi Metal Table

These are unique pieces by the artist. They can be modified in size and tailored to specific orders. Please contact me for details and any questions.  Dimensions: 22" h x 13.5" w x 13.5" d Weight: 20.5 lbs 


Steel Tree Sculpture

These are unique pieces by the artist. They can be modified in size and tailored to specific orders. Please contact me for details and any questions.  Dimensions: 14" h x 17" w x 17" d Weight: 3 lbs 


Abstract Steel Sculpture

These are unique pieces by the artist. They can be modified in size and tailored to specific orders. Please contact me for details and any questions.  Dimensions: 15.5 " h x 9" w x 8.5" d  Weight: 10.5 lbs 


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Uli Roth at the Soiled Dove Underground

Uli Roth is coming to Denver!!!  For those of us who love Jimi Hendrix and Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, this show is a real treat. Uli used to be the main ax man for the...



In this Python training course, students already familiar with Python programming will learn advanced Python techniques such as: IPython Notebook, the Collections module, mapping and ...



This two-day course is designed to bring experienced users and developers up to speed quickly to working in a Linux environment.You will learn what the main ingredients are in a Linux system...


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Soulful Entertainment for Hire

Located in Denver, Colorado, Funk Shui can be hired to play at any of the following types of engagements:  dinner party, festival, nightclub and event ceremony.  We also provide touring support for headlining acts.  On rare occasion we play at weddings.  We never play church functions.As per set lists and special requests/arrangements, all are negotiable.  Contact us for a promotional packet if the information on our notemote or site does not suffice.

Software Development Services

The Hartmann Software Group (HSG) is owned and operated by engineers that are among the best in the industry, specializing in software development languages and technologies ranging from C++ to Weblogic/Oracle Application Administration, to Python and Machine Learning. As part of our effort to provide an affordable and successful training and consulting curriculum, we provide training onsite at your location, online-instructor-led, and at our facilities in Colorado, thereby passing on the savings to our clients.  We offer a generous price structure that affords everyone the chance to learn and grow. Contact us for a free consultation for training or consulting for your team: or 303-377-6176

Prioritizing IT Work As a Result of COVID-19

Our recent discussions with clients have confirmed the all too familiar news during these uncertain times — that business is not “business as usual.”Many are in a quandary, having to make difficult decisions to let go of staff and rely more heavily on those who stay on. Due to the current extreme changes in market conditions, business leaders are having to adopt new strategies and priorities to remain essential. Until the threat of the pandemic has passed and companies begin calling people back to work, the most important things to do through this phase of uncertainty is to ensure that you:  Set priorities by doing imperative work, at the right time, with the right resources. Assess the urgency and availability of necessary talent for jobs. Calculate the time and resources the new process will have on people and technology. Cutting your workforce is never a pleasant process—However, it doesn’t have to be a profoundly damaging effect. The Hartmann Software Group (HSG) has been a common denominator for many organizations during this crisis management phase by augmenting their talent needs.  We do this by offering expertise you need to maximize productivity. Some of the skill-sets and subject-matter-experts (SME’s) available on short or long term engagements are:  ROLES       TECHNOLOGIES  Full-Stack Engineers      Senior Front and Back-End Developers    Database Consultants      Technical Leads (Java, Python, Linux, .NET and etc.,)   Business Analysts       Cloud Integration       Technical Consultants       Technical Software-Trainer     Agile CoachesPython Java, C++, C# Linux, Git .NET, MVC JavaScript, JQuery, NodeJS, ReactJS Web Services (REST, SOAP, etc) HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, NoSQL, MongoDB, GitLab, Jenkins Scrum and Kanban  

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