Andreas Taber

A whole is greater than the sum of its parts ref.  Aristotle's statement is how I would describe myself.  

Ever since I can remember, music has played a significant part in my life. Over the years, with a bit of sweat and a lot of perseverance, I have become an accomplished guitarist and singer-songwriter with two albums to my credit:  Andreas' Fault and Funk Shui's True.  

My second and equally strong passion in life is technology.  I am a highly-skilled software developer/architect and software development educator and have conducted training classes all throughout the world. As an integral participant of the Hartmann Software Group, a Denver, Colorado-based Information Technology consulting and training company, I get to do what I love, solve problems creatively using cutting edge technologies.

I describe myself as a libertarian but am really more of a Goldwater republican.  And I almost always root for the underdog, perhaps because this is the way I see myself.  Therefore, the sum of all these parts makes me a relatively stirring unicorn in the corporate world and the guy you want to hire to move your organization forward.

Funk Shui Debut Album: True

Back in 2003, I created a group known as Funk Shui, a Jazz, RnB, Funk and Rock group based in Denver, Colorado. The group consisted was a trio: drums, bass and guitar/vocalist, with I was the ...

The United State of Mind and a Happy Birthday

A dear friend reminded me that today is Robin Trower's birthday. 🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!!!🎈  I wish you another 76 years. Are ...

For a huge blues rock guitar fan

I have a dear friend named David R. who's recently become a huge blues rock guitar fan.  In fact, he purchased a newer ZZ Top CD and an older Johnny Winter/Rick Derringer live album circa 1970

How I was influenced by Fredric Dannen & John Prine

Back in the early 90’s, I was living in Columbus, Ohio working as a chemical analyst.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?  Well, I too thought it was inanely boring:  the job and the town.  So what was a ...

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This is one of those "if I were to do it over again" moments.  Having lived in ...

A Masterpiece

I write this review for those not so few of you who have never heard about this once great ...
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