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Beirut Vacation
Drebin The Hero
Main Title
Dock Of The Nordberg/Murder By Cake
Drebin Takes A Snoop/To Ludwig’s
Our Miss Spencer/Air Bag Drebin
Sting/Beeper Mom/Anyone Can Be An Assassin
Beeper Doc/The Exciting Chase
A Lonely Drebin
Drebin Acrobat/Meat Miss Spencer
The Seduction
Frank Goes Bump-Bump/Somebody Killed My Scene
Out On The Ledge
Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder/The Slaughterhouse
Drebin’s Haze/I’m A Lucky Woman/Sting (Alternate)
The Third Out Beep/Frank, Frank, Frank
I Must Kill Frank
I'm Into Something Good (End Credits Version)
Cocktails For Five
The Star-Spangled Banner (Studio Pre-Record)
God Save The Queen (Organ)
Blooper Vision
Baseball Medley (Organ)
Las Chapanecas (Organ)
La Raspa (Organ)
The Seduction (Album Version)
Out On The Ledge (Album Version)
I Must Kill Frank (Alternate)/Main Title (W/Alternate Ending)
Main Title (W/Second Alternate Ending)
Drebin - Hero!/Main Title
Thinking Of... Him!/There’s Been A Bombing
Hey Look At These/We Don’t Have Any Kids/Transition To Blue Note Bar
Transition To Wharf/Bad Boys & Meinheimers
We Got Work To Do/Nordberg Plants The Bug
Frank Tank/Trumpet Fanfare
The Date/Ba Ba Ba Again
Jane Stalker
His Water Broke
A Raisin Nutbread/Hexagon Oil Sting/Frank Swims In Sewage
Frank Moves In/Frank’s Bust Is Busted
Hotel Sting/Hapsburg Moves On Jane
Introducing Dr. Meinheimer/He Can Walk/I’m Tired Of Being The Sting King/We’ll See About This
Roof, Roof!
Staying Here With You/A Real Bomb
Intro To Ozone Layer/I Want A World/End Credits
Celebrated Minuet
Hail To The Chief
I Guess I’m Just Screwed
I Should Have Been An Accountant (Piano Version)
Endzone Layer
Ye Olde Sex Shoppe
I Should Have Been An Accountant (Dance Band Version)
Satin Doll
Tommy Two Tails
Besame Mucho
Drebin The Hero/The Touchable Untouchables
Midnight Romance/Main Title
Mom Visits Rocco/Visit From Dr. Papshmir
Purse Snatcher/Tearful Goodbyes/Transition To Shrink’s Office/Make Tonight Something Special
Undercover Sperm Bank
You’ll Be Called/Searching Through File/Back To Work/Rosenblatt Sting/Transition To Frank’s House
Thelma & Louise Jane
Deciding To Go Undercover/Denver Jock Strap/The Bighouse Yard/Entering The Bighouse/Letter To Jane
Shower Intro/The Shower Song/Shower Scene
Prison Fight
Jane Cries/Trucker Tries/Jane In Phone Booth
Frank’s Escape/Trucker Jane/Frank’s Escape Part 2
Frank Meets Mom
Tanya/Do I Know You?
Semi Truck/Pigeon/Your Bishop Is Exposed
Who’s The Skirt?/Let’s Bump Her Off/Rocco’s Crowning Achievement
Very Impressive/Copter Schmear/Gang To The Shrine
Rocco & Tanya Backstage/Tanya’s Sexy Leg/Ma In Sunroof/Tanya’s Tassels
Foreign Taxi Drivers/Tanya Bubble Wrap/Stupid Copper Punk
Code Red Alert/Frank Fights Raquel/Police Squad Arrival
Tanya, Tanya, Tanya
Best Picture Award/It’s The Bomb/The Final Straw/Give Up Rocco/Happy Ending To Awards
The Delivery Room/End Credits
This Could Be The Start Of Something
Deciding To Go Undercover (Alternate)
Trucker Jane (Alternate)
Ma In Sunroof (Alternate)
The Delivery Room (Alternate)
Soap Opera Source
Lotto Music
Hooray For L.A./Ext. Awards Show/Lifetime Achievement Award/Heart Attack Awards Music/Margaret Standswithafistupherbazooky/Mariel And Elliot
Timpani Roll/Fatal Affair/Raquel Intro Theme Music
The Food Song (No Vocals)
Geriatric Park
Best Picture Presenters
This Could Be The Start Of Something (Instrumental)


The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad! (1988)
Total disc time: 59:47

The Naked Gun 2 1∕2: The Smell Of Fear (1991)
Total disc time: 57:32

The Naked Gun 33 1∕3: The Final Insult (1994)
Total disc time: 70:57

Limited Edition of 2000 units

℗ 2014 Paramount Pictures


Art Direction – Dan Goldwasser
Bass – Ann Atkinson (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Buell Neidlinger (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Charles M. Jackson (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Charles Berghofer, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Charles Domanico, David Stone, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), David Black (27) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), David Carpenter (3) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), David Young (8) (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Dominic Genova (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Drew Dembowski (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Edward Alton, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Homer Mensch (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), James DiJulio (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), James Leonhart (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jay Grauer (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), James Hughart, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), John Beal (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), John T. Kulowitsch, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), John Miller (2) (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Joseph Bongiorno (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Margaret Storer (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Melanie L. Punter, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Neil Stubenhaus (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Norman Ludwin (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Paul Zibits (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Steven Edelman, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Stephens La Fever, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Timothy Barr, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Thomas Barney, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28)
Bassoon – Robert Tricarico, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Charles Coker (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), John Lowe (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), John Mitchell (4) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Kenneth Munday, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ronald Jannelli (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Rose Corrigan (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Cello – Anne Callahan (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Anne Karam (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Antony Cooke (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Barbara Hunter (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Beverly Lauridsen (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Cecilia Tsan (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Christina Soule (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Christine Ermacoff (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Dane Little (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Daniel Rothmuller (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Daniel Smith (4) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), David Low (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), David Shamban (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), David Speltz (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Dennis Karmazyn (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Douglas Davis (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ernest Ehrhardt, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Eugene Moye Jr., (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Frederick Zenone, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Frederick Zlotkin, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Harry Shlutz (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Janet Nepkie (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jascha Silberstein (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jeanne LeBlanc, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jerome Kessler (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Jesse Levy (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), John Acosta (2) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), John Walz (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Kevan Torfeh (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Larry Corbett (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Margaret McHenry (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Marie Fera (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Mark Orrin Shuman, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Mary Ann Lakatos (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Matthew Cooker (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Michael Mathews (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Richard Locker (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Robert Adcock, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Roger Lebow (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ronald Leonard, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Rowena Hammill (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Sarah O'Brien (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Seymour Barab (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Shepard Coleman (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Stephen Erdody, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Susan Poliacik (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Todd Hemmenway (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Vagram Saradjian (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Wendy Velasco (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), William De Rosa (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Clarinet – Emily Bernstein (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Gary Gray (5) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ralph Williams (4) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Clarinet, Saxophone – Charles Boito (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Gary Bovyer (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Gary Herbig (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Gene Cipriano (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Jack Nimitz (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), James Kanter, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Peter Christlieb, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Co-producer [Production Assistance] – Frank K. DeWald
Composed By – Ira Newborn (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-19, CD1-21 to CD1-29, CD2-1 to CD2-16, CD2-20 to CD2-23, CD2-27, CD3-1 to CD3-23, CD3-25 to CD3-35)
Conductor – Alf Clausen (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Ira Newborn
Consultant [Project Consultant] – Lukas Kendall
Contractor – Carl Fortina, Lewis Delgatto, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-35)
Coordinator [Soundtrack Album] – Eric Ybanez, Kim Seiniger
Copyist – Berwyn Linton (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), David Izzard, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Deborah Mitchell (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Howard Segurson, Jeffrey Jones, Julia Eidsvoog (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD2-1 to CD2-28), Kendall Schmidt, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Margaret Maryatt, Philip Azelton, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD2-1 to CD2-28), Richard Bronskill (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Roberta McIntosh (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Tom Calderaro (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Victor Sagerquist
Copyist [Supervising] – Robert Bornstein,
Drums – Harvey Mason (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD2-1 to CD2-28), Steven Schaeffer,
Electric Bass – Charles Domanico, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Neil Stubenhaus (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Robert Stone (2) (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29)
Executive-Producer [Album] – Dan Goldwasser, Neil S. Bulk
Executive-Producer [For La-La Land Records] – MV Gerhard, Matt Verboys
Flute – Brice Martin (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), David Shostac (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Gary Woodward (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Geraldine Rotella (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Miriam Sosewitz (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Paul Fried (2) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ronald Langinger (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Stephen Kujala, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Susan Greenberg (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Susan Fries, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone – Robert Sheppard, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Spiro Stamos (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Flute, Saxophone – Joel Peskin (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
French Horn – H. Robert Carlisle, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Brad Warnaar (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Brian O'Connor (2) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Carol Drake (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), David A. Duke, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Debra S. Poole, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Diane Muller (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), James Thatcher (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Jeffrey De Rosa, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), James Atkinson, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Joseph Meyer, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), John Clark (2) (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Joseph T. Anderer, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Mark Adams (10) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Nathan Campbell (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Paul Ingraham (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Richard Todd (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Todd Miller (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), William W. Purvis, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28)
Guitar – Robert Mann, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Weldon Dean Parks, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD2-1 to CD2-28), Gene J. Bertoncini, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), George Doering (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Hugh McCracken (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Thomas J. Tedesco, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28)
Harmonica – David McKelvy (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Harp – Dorothy Remsen (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Gayle Levant (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Katie Kirkpatrick (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Margaret Ross (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28)
Keyboards – Randy Waldman (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28, CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Keyboards, Piano – James Cox, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Michael Melvoin, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Michael Watts, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
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Legal [Song Clearance] – Cindy Badell-Slaughter
Liner Notes – Dan Goldwasser, Daniel Schweiger
Management [Executive In Charge Of Music For Paramount Pictures] – Randy Spendlove
Mastered By – Doug Schwartz
Mixed By [Dutch Chocolate Cake-Mix] – Duncan Hines
Music Consultant – Donald Nemitz, Jonathan Charles (2) (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28)
Music Librarian – Emmett Estren (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Howard Segurson (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Tom Calderaro (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Victor Sagerquist (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Oboe – Barbara Northcutt (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Earl Dumler (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Gene Cipriano (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Joan Elardo (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Joel Timm (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Jon C. Clarke, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Jonathan Kip (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Kathleen Robinson, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Thomas Boyd, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29)
Orchestrated By – Alf Clausen (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Bruce Babcock (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Donald Nemitz, Harvey Cohen (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ira Newborn, James Stemple, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Victor Sagerquist (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28)
Percussion – Alan Estes (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Robert Zimmitti, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Buddy Williams (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Dale Anderson (2) (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28, CD3-1 to CD3-36), David Carey (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Emil Radocchia (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Gary Coleman (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Gordon Gottlieb (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jerry D. Williams, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), James F. Saporito, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Joseph Porcaro, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Joseph Passaro (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Peter Limonick (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Piano – Randy Waldman (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Recorded By, Mixed By – Gary Ladinsky, Robert Fernandez
Remix [The Naked Gun Re-Mix] – Mike Matessino,
Saxophone – Tommy Newsom (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Synth – Alan Pasqua (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), James Cox, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Peter Robinson (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Randy Waldman (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28)
Transferred By [Digital Transfers] – Johnny Dee Davis
Trombone – Andrew Malloy, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), William Reichenbach, William Watrous, Charles Loper, Richard Nash, James E. Pugh, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), James Self, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Keith O'Quinn (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Larry D. Farrell, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Lloyd Ulyate (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Richard Klein, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Steven Holtman (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), William Booth (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Trumpet – Robert Findley, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Robert Findley, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), David E. Stahl, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Glenn Drewes (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Gregory L. Gisbert, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jon Lewis (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Oscar Brashear, Rick Baptist (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Anthony M. Kadleck, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Anthony Terran, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Walter Johnson (2), Warren Luening (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29)
Tuba – George P. Flynn, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), James Self, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Richard Klein, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28)
Viola – Alan De Veritch, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Alfred V. Brown, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Brian Dembow (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Brian F. Zenone, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Carole Kleister-Castillo, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Carole Mukogawa (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Carrie Holzman Little (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Cynthia Morrow (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Dan Neufeld (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), David Stenske (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Denyse Buffum (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Dmitri Bovaird (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Donald McInnes (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Emanuel Vardi (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Harold Coletta (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Harry Zaratzian (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jesse L. Levine, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), John Roswell Dexter II, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Judith Witmer, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Julien C. Barber, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Juliet M. Haffner, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Karen S. Dreyfus, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Karen Long (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Karen Sanchez (3) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Kazi Pitelka (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Kimberly Wilkins, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Lenore Weinstock (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Linda Lipsett (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Linn Subotnick (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Marcy Dicterow (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Margot MacLaine (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Maxine Roach (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Michael Nowak (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Michele Nardone (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Mihail Zinovyev (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Narciso Figueroa (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Nardo Poy (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Olivia Koppell (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Peter Hatch (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ralph Fielding (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Renita Koven (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Richard Gerding, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Roland Kato (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Steven Gordon, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Sue Pray (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Victoria Miskolczy, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Violin – Alan Grunfeld (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Aleksei Sobolevsky (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Alex Treger (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Alex Horvath, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Anahid Ajemian (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Anatoly Rosinsky (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Andrea Byers (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Andrew E. Stein, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Ariana Bronne, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Armen Garabedian (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Arnold Belnick (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Arthur Zadinsky (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Assa Drori (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Barry F. Finclair, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Barry Socher (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Berj Garabedian (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Beryl Diamond (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), William Hybel, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Robert Sanov, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Brian Leonard (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Bruce Dukov (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Carmel Malin (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Carol A. Pool, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Carol Webb Sortomme (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Cecelia Hobbs Gardner (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Charles Libove (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Claudia Parducci (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Connie Kupka (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Dale L. Stuckenbruck, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Daniel Shindaryov (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Darius Campo (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), David Ewart (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Debra Price (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Dimitrie Leivici (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Dixie Blackstone (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Don Palmer, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Donna Tecco (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Elena Barere (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Elizabeth Wilson (3) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Elliot Rosoff (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Ethel Abelson (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Eve Sprecher (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Francine Walsh (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Franklyn D'Antonio (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Gale Dixon (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Gerald Tarack (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Gwenn Heller (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Haim Shtrum (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Henry Ferber (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Irma Neumann (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Israel Chorberg (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jacqueline Brand, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Jayme Miller (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Jean Ingraham (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jeffrey Gauthier, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Jennifer Woodward (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Joanna M. Jenner, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Joseph Malin, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), John Zemjanis (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Joy Lyle (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Juliann French (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Julie Gigante (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Karen Karlsrud (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Kathleen Lenski (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Katia Popov (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Kenneth Gordon (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Kenneth Yerke (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Kimiyo Takeya (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Krystyna Newman (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Lamar Alsop (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Lenard E. Rivlin, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Leslie Katz (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Lewis Eley (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Lisa Johnson (2) (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Lisa S. Lyons, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Marc Sazer (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Mari Tsumura-Botnick (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Marilyn Harding (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Mario De Leon, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Martha Caplin (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Matthew Raimondi (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Max Ellen (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Melissa Beckstead, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Michael Ferril (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Mike Markman, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Michele Bovyer (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Murray Adler (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Nancy McAlhany (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Olivia Tsui (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Pamela Gates, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Patricia Johnson, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Paul Stein (2) (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Peter Kent (2) (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Rachel Robinson (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ralph Morrison (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Rebecca Barr (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Regis Iandiorio (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Rene Mandel (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Richard Sortomme (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Robert Lipsett (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Robert Peterson (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Robert Sushel (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Roman Volodarsky (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ronald Folsom (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Ronnie S. Bauch, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Russell Cantor, (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Shari Zippert (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Sheldon Sanov (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Shoshana Claman (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Sid Sharp, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Spiro Stamos (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Stanley Plummer (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Stuart V. Canin, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29, CD3-1 to CD3-36), Thomas Buffum (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Tibor Zelig (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36), Anthony Posk, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Vicki Sylvester, (tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-29), Winterton Garvey (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Yoko Matsuda (tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-36)
Woodwind – Carolyn S. Pollak, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Dennis H. Smylie, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Diva Goodfriend-Koven (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Elizabeth C. Brown, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Ethan S. Bauch, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Frank W. Wess, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Gary Herbig (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Gene Cipriano (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), George E. Opalisky Jr., (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Gerard J. Niewood, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jack Nimitz (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Jane Cochran (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Cary Peskin, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Lauren Goldstein (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Mitchell Z. Weiss, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Peter Christlieb, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Phil Bodner (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Randall Wolfgang (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Robert W. Botti, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Ronald Langinger (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Sheryl Henze (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Steven D. Hartman, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28), Susan L. Palma, (tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-28)


Phonographic Copyright (p) – Paramount Pictures
Copyright (c) – Paramount Pictures
Published By – La-La Land Records, Inc.
Recorded At – The Record Plant Studio M
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Recorded At – Record Plant, Los Angeles
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Engineered At – Precision AudioSonics
Mastered At – Mulholland Music
Designed At – Warm Butter Design

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