Funk Shui

Funk Shui, pronounced Funk Shway, is the brain child of Andreas Taber (guitars/vocals). Starting sometime in the spring of 2004, he put together a number of Colorado's most talented musicians to record True, our debut album.  Those of you interested in purchasing this great recording can purchase the album here, in our store.  The variety of musical styles, the strength of musicianship and the quality of the recording, help to make True one of the best albums to ever have been recorded in Colorado from either a signed or unsigned band.  We understand that this is a matter of opinion, so pick up a CD and judge for yourself.

So where would you get to hear us play?  We're glad you asked!  Simply contact us via notems, let us know when/where you would like us to play, and we'll work out all the details.


Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock - the Pulse of Soul


To make sure you understand what styles of songs we perform, consider this:  we play anything with soul.  To that end, our forte is rock, funk, jazz, r&b, soul and Latin tunes. We even play reggae.  Mind you, we don't just play this music because we think you will like it, we play it because we LOVE it.  If you want nothing short of unadulterated kick out the jams tunes, look no further. We're the real deal. We hope to see you soon.

Funk Shui Debut Album: True

Recorded in the Spring of 2004, True is Funk Shui's debut album.  Considered among the best of the independent releases, it has been described as follows by CDBaby (an online music retailer) :

Soulful Entertainment for Hire

Located in Denver, Colorado, Funk Shui can be hired to play at any of the following types of engagements:  dinner party, festival, nightclub and event ceremony.  We also provide touring ...

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The Perfect Album

Outstanding song writing, superb lyrics and a flawless performance.  This is class to the ...
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