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Based in Denver, Colorado, the Hartmann Software Group has been an integral part of the United States' Information Technology Training and Software Development Community for nearly 20 years. We conduct an extensive array of software development classes the combination of which is unique to our organization.  As an example, we offer Blaze Software Development, Machine Learning, Embedded C/C++, Cloud Computing and a large body of Microsoft, and Open Source classes. 

In addition, we have and continue to provide hands-on software development, integration and design services to clients ranging in size from mom-and-pops to fortune 100 companies.  Our mantra is:  "No job is too big nor too small to ignore".  

If you have a software need, from Microsoft Office to enterprise system development and integration, give us a call.  With our partnership arrangements, we can assemble a team of experts to address your specific technical needs.

Software Development Services

The Hartmann Software Group (HSG) is owned and operated by engineers that are among the best in the industry, specializing in software development languages and ...

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Business Analyst / Consultant

Business Analyst / Consultant Salary: The average Business Analyst salary in the United States is $75,456

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