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A whole is greater than the sum of its parts ref.  Aristotle's statement is how I would describe myself.  

Ever since I can remember, music has played a significant part in my life. Over the years, with a bit of sweat and a lot of perseverance, I have become an accomplished guitarist and singer-songwriter with two albums to my credit:  Andreas' Fault and Funk Shui's True.  

My second and equally strong passion in life is technology.  I am a highly-skilled software developer/architect and software development educator and have conducted training classes all throughout the world. As an integral participant of the Hartmann Software Group, a Denver, Colorado-based Information Technology consulting and training company, I get to do what I love, solve problems creatively using cutting edge technologies.

I describe myself as a libertarian but am really more of a Goldwater republican.  And I almost always root for the underdog, perhaps because this is the way I see myself.  Therefore, the sum of all these parts makes me a relatively stirring unicorn in the corporate world and the guy you want to hire to move your organization forward.

Software Development Services

The Hartmann Software Group (HSG) is owned and operated by engineers that are among the best in the industry, specializing in software development languages and ...

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Our recent discussions with clients have confirmed the all too familiar news during these uncertain times — that business is not “business as usual.”Many are in a quandary, having to ...

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What To Know For An IT Job

We recently received a call from a gentleman that wanted to take a course in SQL or Tableau and get a “certificate” so that he can break into the IT industry. He is currently ...

Business Analyst / Consultant

Business Analyst / Consultant Salary: The average Business Analyst salary in the United States is $75,456

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An absolute must have

As one student recently stated:  "C++ has become a scripting language very similar to ...

The Definitive Resource

After many years of developing in and teaching Java, I always recommend Cay Horstmann's Core ...
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